The ultimate, perfect, low-carb, vegan whipped cream

Vegan whipped cream that doesn't taste vegan
Vegan whipped cream that doesn’t taste vegan

I have two predicaments right now. One is, I spend too much on groceries – which is not a sin, but saving money is always preferable. The other is that I don’t seem to tolerate nuts very well, much as I like them. I felt it was time to move away from my original vegan cream recipe which used nuts on to a super creamy, super delicious whipped cream made purely of coconut which is ready in seconds, kind to the tummy, very very easy to make and not least quite a lot cheaper than the nut version – and as close to the real thing as you can get!

Honestly, if you don’t have dairy for whatever reason and you are craving whipped cream (or need it in a recipe) then look no further. I am yet to find a recipe for a healthier, cheaper and easier vegan whipped cream. It can’t get better than this. I am not one to dance around the kitchen, but this one made me do just that. Aaaah, this is soooo good!!!

200ml cold full-cream coconut milk – it has to be solidified and look like the coconut milk in this recipe
1 tsp vanilla (this is not mandatory, but it’s killer)
2 tsp of erythritol or other sugar

Whip up all ingredients in a cold bowl with cold beaters. Scoop out of the bowl with your fingers and be in heaven Serve with cake or icecream or use it for my vegan gluten free carrot cupcakes or ginger snaps. You can add some spices, such as ginger, cinnamon or even chocolate powder for a creative touch to your recipe.


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