Vegan, Sugar Free, Paleo After Eight (Mint Chocolate Chip) Icecream

Vegan Icecream Delight
Vegan Icecream Delight

It’s summer in Australia! And which foodstuff screams “summer” like no other? Icecreeeeeeeaaaaaam!!!! (Although I have it all year round…don’t judge). Well, I have mentioned before that I am a total icecream junkie – an obsession which was slightly compromised by the diagnosis of dairy intolerance. nevertheless, I have showed in the past that it is possible – and, in fact, delicious – to make healthy homemade dairy free (i.e. vegan) icecream.

I have become a little bit tired of coconut-based dairy-free icecreams, however. I have heard of avocado-based icecreams, but forgot about it, since I thought avocado in an icecream was pretty close to spinach in an icecream – it just doesn’t work. The other day, though, when I – after a long, avocado-less time – devoured a creamy, luscious, decadent Hass avocado, I just thought “there must be something to avocado icecream” – it is just soooo creamy and full-bodied, and it doesn’t have a strong flavour on its own, which makes it PERFECT for icecream. Most vegan icecreams are based on coconut and/or banana, but neither of these ingredients has a very neutral flavour. Avocado has. The only problem is – unlike banana and coconut, avocado has a VERY gaudy colour, so unfortunately, you ar epretty much confined to doing “green” icecream with it. This is not a problem though, as I have always been a huge fan of “after eight” or mint chocolate icecreams. I wanted to give it a try.

This is by far the best and creamiest icecream I have ever made, and the best thing is, this one really IS sugar free (just a bit of lovely honey). As the avocado is rather fatty, you don’t need any refined sugars to create this oh-so-good creamy icecream taste. It just tastes like your regular icecream from the shop! It also needs only five minutes of churning (you probably don’t even need an icecream maker), and you can serve it instantly or freeze it – it won’t affect the texture.

I was sceptical at first whether I should try creating an avocado-based icecream, as I didn’t want to waste my lovely avocados on a recipe which potentially wouldn’t work. Am I happy I did give it a shot! You cannot go wrong with this. Trust me.

I used regular chocolate chips for this (shhhh—-don’t tell anyone!), but you can buy paleo approved ones or make your own – so you can deffo make this a paleo icecream! Oh, and I call it an “After Eight” icecream, as that’s what “dinner mints” are called in Europe – you ought to have this cutie at any time of the day though! Hm…yum yum! Better get started right away!

Makes 1 small tub (500 ml) (for 2 gluttons like my hubbs and me or 4 normal people)

2 ripe Hass avocados (~200 g)
130 ml almond milk
3 tbsp raw honey
peppermint aroma/edible peppermint oil (to taste)
chocolate chips to taste (approx. 60-70 g)
optional: a few fresh peppermint leaves

Blend everything until well mixed. Refrigerate for at least six hours or overnight. Churn in icecream maker for approx. 5 minutes (not the usual 20 minutes). Enjoy chocolate peppermint bliss.


3 thoughts on “Vegan, Sugar Free, Paleo After Eight (Mint Chocolate Chip) Icecream

  1. Two questions: is essential oil edible? And by lack of an ice-cream maker, can I blend the substance with an ordinary mixer?

    1. Hi there, this is not essential peppermint oil, but natural peppermint flavouring extract, which you can find in the supermarket next to where the vanilla etc. is. Essential oil is for fragrance lamps and is not edible.

      You absolutely don’t need an icecream maker for avocado icecream. You can just mix everything and freeze it in a freezer-safe container. You might have to take it out a few minutes before serving, but as avocado is very creamy, it will never get rock-hard like other homemade icecream. Hope that helps!

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