Easy Watermelon Slushie (sugar free)

Refreshing watermelon slushie - healthy, easy and yummy!
Refreshing watermelon slushie – healthy, easy and yummy!

The blazing hot days are getting fewer and fewer in the Southern hemisphere now, but – we still get the occasional day when the mercury climbs above 30 degrees. Our latest gadget – yes, we bought an air condition – still gets to be used, yay! Don’t want to see our electricity bill later…

Anyways, I was in a dilemma the other day, as I needed to cool down, but couldn’t be bothered making icecream, and store-bought sugar laden icecream or sorbet is not an option for me, as you know. So, I got creative again, and whipped up the world’s easiest and mega delicious watermelon slushie! You know, not those chemical-laden slushies you get at the convenience store or petrol station, but a slushie that loves you back! Not only is it yummy and extreeeeemely refreshing, it’s also a great way to stay hydrated when the sun does not have mercy! And if you have a good processor, you canĀ  whip this up in a jiffy – 15 seconds, to be precise!

Makes 1 large slushie (or 2 small ones!)

3 cups watermelon, roughly diced
1 tbsp lemon juice
fresh mint to taste
5 icecubes

Blitz everything in a food processor and enjoy! Tip: Sugar or salt rim your glass before for an impressive alcohol free party cocktail!


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