Super Nutritious Power Smoothie {vg}

Super Nutritious Smoothie without Nasties - not only for Breakfast!
Super Nutritious Smoothie without Nasties – not only for Breakfast!

I know, I know…I have neglected you badly during the last weeks, dear friends…I was very busy with work and other things that life throws at you, and although my workload wasn’t necessarily much higher than usual, I just didn’t have the nerve for blogging or experimenting. I was also lacking a bit of inspiration and didn’t come up with anything worth publishing. But the wait is finally over, and I promise you to not let you down and blog regularly from now on! I was also studying a lot about nutrition during my recent quiet weeks – not only about food intolerances per se, but about stress, metabolism, and how to heal your metabolism with nutritious (and plenty of) foods and lots of rest. I hope that I can incorporate my ongoing findings into my blog work in the future. Let’s just say for now that wholesome, “real”, nutrient-dense foods are the key for healing your body and mind and can potentially even reverse food intolerances. Wouldn’t it be nice?

And for those times that life is throwing a bunch of things at you and you don’t know where to start, how about a super-nutritious smoothie to boost your mind and body? No, it’s not one of your fat-free, sugar-free, chemical-laden “health smoothies”, but real food turned into a luscious milk shake! One of these for breaky really sets you up for the day, but it is not reserved for breakfast alone. Let me tell you about all the goodies you get in one glass:

  • tropical fruit for valuable micronutrients and a delicious taste of sun and holiday
  • avocado for healthy mono-unsaturated fats, needed for cell repair, hormones, satiety, texture, and taste
  • chia seeds for protein and omega 3’s
  • maca for an extra energy boost and stamina
  • coconut sugar, a low GI sweetening option with great taste and nutrients
  • rice protein powder for tummy-friendly protein
  • sea salt to replace electrolytes lost during sleep, boost your metabolism, facilitate the assimilation of nutrients, and make the flavour pop!

Oh yes, and it tastes great! The healthy fats from chia and avocado make sure to keep you full for a long time – did you know that your body cannot use nutrients like vitamins and minerals such as calcium without an adequate amount of fat? It’s time to reconsider whether that “healthy low-fat smoothie” they offer you at a juice bar is really that healthy…I’d like to argue that my version is far superior and really gives your body the fuel it needs!

Makes 1 large smoothie

1 large frozen banana
1 cup frozen mango
a quarter avocado
1 tbsp chia seeds, dissolved in water or milk (“chia gel”) (or try flaxseed)
3/4 cup plant milk
1 scoop protein powder of choice (I use rice protein)
generous pinch of sea salt
1 tsp coconut sugar or other sweetener
half a cup soy or coconut yoghurt (optional, to make it thicker=
maca powder (optional)
I recommend chopping the banana, mango, and avo together in a powerful food processor first. Then add all the other ingredients and blitz away! Yum!





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