2-Minute Paleo Crumpets

Delicious Crumpets - Homemade and Guilt-Free
Delicious Crumpets – Homemade and Guilt-Free

If you thought fast food was unhealthy, think again! Sure, gulping down trans-fat laden chicken wings while you are running for the train is wrong on many levels, but healthy eating doesn’t mean having to skip the hairdresser’s appointment for lack of time. In fact, there are lots of recipes for microwave breads out there. Yes, you read that quite right. There is breads that you can prepare in the microwave in less than two minutes! If this sounds too good to be true in your ears, have a go at my 2-minute Paleo crumpets! This recipe is adapted from Louise Hendon’s Microwave Paleo Bread, and I don’t only enjoy that I can bake delicious gluten free, grain free “bread” and still have time to go for my pamper package at the local day spa, but I also love its nutty taste and subtle flavour as well as that it’s so versatile!

Next to the fact that you can satisfy any cravings for carbs and bread you might have in less two minutes and with virtually no net carbs, these crumpets come jam-packed with fibre, vitamin E, and healthy fats! And let me repeat that once more: They are absolutely and truly paleo, meaning they are grain free, sugar free, dairy free, soy free, and, in general, worry free. Whether you follow a gluten free or low carb diets, these little babies will fit your lifestyle! Lacking the pernicious sweetness of traditional crumpets, these tasty round slices don’t only pair up nicely with ricotta and homemade jam, but I actually love them with butter and gluten free AussieMite or dunked into a hearty soup! There is really no reason not to try this great recipe. Whether as a filling breakfast option, lunch or dinner component or hearty afternoon snack, just whip up a handful ingredients and get your microwave going!

Makes 2 crumpets 

30 g almond meal
10 g flax meal
pinch of sea salt
pinch of baking soda
20 g butter (or oil of choice)
1 egg

Mix all ingredients in a large mug until thoroughly combined. Pat down into mug and smooth surface. Microwave on high for one and a half minutes. The crumpet should easily come out of the mug. Cut into desired thickness and enjoy with favourite topping whilst still warm.


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