Three Minute Fudge (vegan, paleo)

Super decadent and super easy coconut oil fudge
Super decadent and super easy coconut oil fudge

Nothing beats the creamy, melt-in-the-mouth, buttery consistency of fudge – and no trip to Scotland would be complete without a taste of this heavenly delicacy. Even though store-bought fudges are generally gluten free, they are, unfortunately, far from healthy. Vegetable oils, sugar, pasteurised dairy, and in unfortunate cases even soy make for a nibbly that should be enjoyed only occasionally, if at all. So how about a healthified version of chocolate fudge that you can create in just three minutes? Okay, there is the refrigerating time, so you won’t be able to dig in in three minutes, but three minutes is all you need to spend to enjoy healthy and yummy fudge (and you are welcome to try before chilling!).

125 ml melted coconut oil (raw virgin, organic)
60 g raw cocoa (organic)
75 g honey
knob of grass fed butter (optional)
good dash of finely ground Himalayan sea salt
dash of vanilla

Mix all ingredients until well combined, spoon into a lined 20×20 cm container and chill for an hour or until solid. Lift out the fudge and cut into squares. If you enjoyed this fudge, why not try the following variations: Add mint essence for a classic after dinner treat, chilli powder or ginger for a bit of heat, orange peel, cinnamon and cardamom for a yummy wintery treat, peanut butter for extra indulgence or rose water for a mysterious Middle Eastern touch à la Turkish Delight.


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