Tropical Protein Thickshake (vegan and soy free)

Not your usual protein shake - vegan tropical thickshake
Not your usual protein shake – vegan tropical thickshake

As a new mum who loves (and needs) a filling brekkie, but whose packed calendar often does not always allow for cooking up ham and eggs, protein shakes have become my go-to breakfast on busy days with early appointments. No, I am not talking about those junk-filled powders with pictures of muscle men that your gym may serve, but about rice protein shakes!

Granted, while commercial protein shakes based on casein and/or whey may be tastier, they are off-limits if you cannot handle cow’s milk protein. Moreover, they contain ingredients such as soy, industrial seed oils, fructose, and flavourings, which all are a big no-no for a healthy lifestyle. Unflavoured rice protein, on the other hand, is very hypoallergenic, and, for what it’s worth, also vegan!

Of course, it is always better to get your protein intake from real foods, and I’d always choose a hard-boiled egg or a can of tuna over rice protein, but if you are craving a quick post-workout boost or a no-nonsense start to the day, rice protein shakes can be a good addition to your diet, at least occasionally. A little bit of stevia, vanilla essence, and almond or other nut milk go a long way in making unflavoured rice protein more palatable. Add your fruit of choice, some ice, cocoa powder, and/or almond meal, and you end up with a delicious, sinful-tasting milkshake that isn’t even bad for you!

This thickshake combines a decadent chocolate taste with a tropical twist. Not only is it tasty, but very filling, and if you add some maca powder, it is a real pick-me-up!

Makes 1 thickshake

250 ml or one cup nut milk of choice
1 or 2 handfuls of frozen mango pieces
juice of one orange
30 g rice protein powder
1 tbs raw cocoa (organic)
maca powder (optional)

Blend up all ingredients in a high-powered blender.


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