Millionaire’s Shortbread aka Caramel Slice {gf, vg, soy free, paleo}

Millionaire’s shortbread was my childhood heaven like brownies for other people. I fell in love the minute my mum brought a tray from a business trip to Scotland – a crunchy shortbread base + decadent caramel + chocolate = bliss! When a Marks & Spencer’s opened in Frankfurt, we travelled all the way from BerlinRead more

Vegan Superfood Protein Shake

I have mentioned here before that I like to start my days with rice protein shakes. Rice protein is a very versatile protein powder, it adds great bulk to shakes, making them super thick and luscious, and most importantly, unlike whey, casein or – heaven forbid – soy protein, rice protein is very easily digestedRead more

Paleo Mud Cake

This. Cake. Is. The. Bomb. I mean, you would never, ever assume that this piece of bliss is actually very good for you, and, in fact, it doesn’t matter. I’d have this healthy or not, but knowing that there are a lot of goodies in this, makes it all the better, doesn’t it? Just lookRead more

Instant Paleo Vegan Nutella {nut free option}

Remember my healthy nutella recipe? Well, I am the frist one to unserstand that you don’t have the time nor the ambition to go through the whole rigmarole of grinding hazelnuts – and the good news is, you don’t have to! After all, healthy eating only works if you can make it work for you,Read more