Instant Paleo Vegan Nutella {nut free option}

instant - paleo - nutella! What's not to love?
instant – paleo – nutella! What’s not to love?

Remember my healthy nutella recipe? Well, I am the frist one to unserstand that you don’t have the time nor the ambition to go through the whole rigmarole of grinding hazelnuts – and the good news is, you don’t have to! After all, healthy eating only works if you can make it work for you, and in this busy day and age, that means healthy eating needs to be quick and easy. That’s where my instant paleo nutella comes to the rescue. Whikpped up in a jiffy, this baby doesn’t only make for a delightful spread on gluten free bread, a divine topping for crêpes and pancakes or a naughty afternoon snack straight from the spoon, but also works as a great cake frosting! Nuts, cocoa and honey – what’s not to love?

This one is highly customisable, meaning you can use any nut or seed butter that takes your fancy (note that peanut butter is not paleo, but nonetheless works very well here). Choose hazelnut for the real nutella experience, but really, anything works. Allergic to nuts? Choose sunbutter. Vegan? Use maple syrup instead of honey. The suggested amounts are what woeks for me, but you can adjust the amount of sweetener you out in. This really is your nutella!


P.S.: Stay tuned for a gorgeous paleo mud cake recipe!

40g nut or seed butter of choice
20g rice malt or maple syrup
1 tsp raw organic cocoa

Mix all ingredients in a small bowl with a spoon and…


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