Vegan Superfood Protein Shake

Superfood Shake
Superfood Shake

I have mentioned here before that I like to start my days with rice protein shakes. Rice protein is a very versatile protein powder, it adds great bulk to shakes, making them super thick and luscious, and most importantly, unlike whey, casein or – heaven forbid – soy protein, rice protein is very easily digested and a great option for an allergy-friendly or vegan diet. It is also one of the more affordable protein powders out there. With its excellent amino acid profile (in fact, rice is the grain with the highest quality protein compared to all other grains), rice protein makes for a great post-workout snack and should not be considered inferior to its dairy-containing sibling powders. Just choose a good (preferably organic) brand as brown rice can be loaded with chemicals.

This shake is a real “superfood” shake (as much as I hate that word). Kale (one of the world’s most nutrient dense foods), blueberries (loaded with antioxidants), avocado (a wealth of monounsaturated fats, the healthiest dietary fats), nut butters (vitamin E), cacao (minerals) and banana (oodles of natural antidepressants) are some of the planet’s healthiest foods, while cinnamon helps stabilising your blood sugar (great in the morning or after a workout!). Most importantly, this shake really tastes great and keeps you full for hours!

I did not add any sweeteners here as the banana and the berries are quite sweet already, but you could add a little honey or stevia if you like it a tad sweeter.

300ml almond milk
handful of kale
handful of frozen blueberries
1tb cacao
1tb tahin
half avocado
1 frozen banana
40g rice protein

Blend all ingredients in a high-powered blender and…


2 thoughts on “Vegan Superfood Protein Shake

  1. I have never thought about trying rice protein, but you make a convincing argument. I also feel very well informed by this post, love it! I am so excited to try this shake recipe! Where can I find rice protein powder?

    1. Hi Hannah, sorry for the late reply! You should be able to find rice protein powder in your local health food shop or wholefoods, and I believe sells it as well. Pea protein is a great alternative. Let me know what you think once you have tried it!

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