Buckwheat and Silverbeet Stew (vegan, gf)

I’d like to call this an “anti flu stew”. It’s got all you need to make you feel just that little bit better when you are fighting those viruses – and even when not. Lots and lots of fresh organic vegetables, beautiful spices, wholesome broth,┬ásupergrain buckwheat and antiviral coconut oil. Throwing this stew together wasRead more

Healthy Snickers / Bounty bar (gluten free, vegan, no bake)

If you asked me what would be better than a Snickers or Bounty, I’d have to say a Snickers AND a Bounty! Don’t you think? But wait – before you run to the nearest vending machine or fuel station to indulge in said lovelies, wouldn’t it be even more satisfying to make these babies yourself,Read more