Tropical Superfood Shake

Immune-boosting supershake

Anyone who has ever lived in Melbourne or has spent some time in this city knows that the weather here is pretty -ahem- moody, to say the least. Temperature differences of up to 20 degrees from one day to the next are not a rarity! Needless to say your immunity gets quite a good workout all year round which is why it is extra important to get those greens in!

I love smoothies and shakes as they are so filling and satisfying without clogging your stomach and you can put all the goodness you want in them in just a couple of minutes flat! They are my go-to breakfast if I don’t have time to prepare porridge or just crave something light before a workout. Smoothies also work great as an afternoon pick-me-up and I tend to put my supplements such as probiotics and maca powder in them. And because their texture is so creamy and luscious I always have the feeling I’m devouring a naughty icecream when I am actually consuming concentrated goodness!

I usually make a shake/smoothie (bowl) every day and experiment with different flavour combinations. I love this one as it is sooo good for you yet tastes really sweet and creamy thanks to banana and mango! It is also completely vegan while giving the impression you are having a milkshake. You can add some vegan protein powder to ramp up the protein. I happened to have a lot of kale and spinach from my vegetable box delivery so to prevent them from going bad, I actually washed and chopped the kale and spinach and froze them in individual portions in ziploc bags! This way, I always have some frozen greens as a “smoothie kit”. You can of course use fresh kale/spinach. The same goes for bananas. I think everyone should have frozen chopped bananas in the freezer at any given time but if you only happen to have fresh bananas like I did at the time, it’s completely fine to use a fresh banana and some icecubes.

Tropical Superfood Shake
Immune-boosting supershake
Immune-boosting supershake

Makes 1 generous portion

2 cups “liquid” (I used half water and half orange juice, but coconut water, your favourite juice or your plant milk of choice would all be great options)
1 large ripe banana, frozen and chopped, or fresh plus a handfull of icecubes
1 cup frozen mango
1-2 handfulls kale and/or spinach, frozen or fresh
green powder, maca, probiotic powder etc. (optional)

Blend all ingredients in a high powered blender until smooth (it might take a couple of rounds of blending).


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