Raw Vegan Matcha and Coconut Tart {nut free}

I love oxymorons. Hello, healthy brownies, lowfat chocolate cake, vegan bolognese, oil-free muffins and dairy-free icecream. Just like it seems to be a given that brownies are unhealthy and spag bol involves meat, the labels “raw vegan” and “nut free” do not seem to go together. Raw vegan desserts generally contain a lot of raw nuts to replace grains which you cannot consume in a raw state. Not so this raw vegan matcha and coconut tart. I used desiccated coconut instead of nut meal. Coconut is botanically not a nut so many people with a nut allergy are able to consume coconuts. Great news if you have a littlie with a nut allergy! If you are not a fan of matcha or can’t get your hands on some you can omit it (in which case this would be just a raw vegan coconut tart) or use for example some lime zest to make raw vegan lime and coconut tart.

I am usually not a huge fan of raw vegan desserts. Nothing against nuts in moderation, but raw desserts contain such high amounts of nuts that I find them really heavy in the stomach. Also, a dessert or snack should not contain the calories of a full meal which raw desserts often do, so that is why I have not ventured down this path yet. But as I found myself in a situation where I had some avocados to use up, I was thinking of this raw dessert as I have used avocado in icecream before.

Raw Vegan Matcha and Coconut Tart
Raw Vegan Matcha and Coconut Tart

This is a delightfully creamy, dreamy and comforting dessert that will satisfy any naughty cravings you might have. It is quite a bit higher in fat than I’d prefer but the fat from this tart is super healthy fat from coconut and avocado – the two healthiest fats you can consume! Add to this magnesium, fibre and slow-releasing energy from the dates and it’s clear to see that this indulgence is a healthy treat. Just don’t go overboard – the recipe below yielded 3 small tarts with 10 cm diameter. I’d suggest quartering every tart so that you get 12 individual portions put of this. A little goes a long way!

As I mentioned, I don’t make too many raw desserts, so I hope you enjoy this one!

Raw Vegan Matcha and Coconut Tart

Serves 12

1 packed cup pitted dates (Medjool or Deglet Noor)
3/4 cup desiccated coconut
2 tbsp raw cacao
pinch of Himalyan sea salt

1 large ripe avovado (ca. 200 g)
1 large ripe banana
1/4 cup desiccated coconut
3 tbsp coconut or maple syrup
juice of half a lemon

Blend the ingredients for the base in a high-powered blender, then press evenly into a greased and/or lined baking pan. You can use a 20 cm diameter round pan or three small pans of 10 cam diameter each. Put into freezer. Clean out the blender and blend the ingredients for the filling. Pour on top of the frozen base and let freeze for at least another hour. Store in the freezer.


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