Skinny Parsnip and Peanut Soup (4 ingredients!) {vg, gf}

I do love a good soup, regardless of the weather. And I happened to have a lot of parsnips in this week’s vegetable box delivery (hello, autumn!). Parsnips that were slowly wilting away, screaming at me: “Turn me into a soup!”. I listened to them. And because I am a sucker for unconventional combos, the result was a parsnip and peanut soup. A skinny parsnip and peanut soup, to be precise.

To be honest, I am not the hugest fan of parsnips. I don’t particularly like their texture and the taste does nothing much for me, not even roasted. Throw the good ol’ spud and peanut butter into the equation, however, and magic happens. You don’t even necessarily need the peanuts, I just think it really adds some depth of flavour and it actually works really well with the parsnips and potatoes even though it seems like an unusual pairing. The starchiness of the root vegetables and the creaminess of the nuts just takes this soup to a whole new level of goodness. I used defatted peanut butter powder (pb2) to lower the fat content. However, you could use ground peanuts (or other nuts) or peanut butter instead and this soup would still be very low in calories albeit satisfying.

As a full-time working mum far away from my family (sniff), I take my commitment to create easy, quick and hassle-free recipes very seriously. This soup requires just four ingredients (yes, four!) and a minimal amount of time to prepare. It is also ridiculously fool-proof so you will have absolutely no excuses not to try it! Given that the required ingredients are fairly cheap, this is also a very budget-friendly soup. It is ideally suited to prepare as a big batch and store leftovers in the fridge or freezer. Presented in a beautiful bowl and with some fancy toppings, this soup is also impressive enough to serve at your next dinner party.

Note that if you don’t have or don’t want to use vegetable stock, it’s totally fine to use water instead (that’s what I did). You just need to add salt, pepper and other spices (such as garlic powder) to taste. The stock will make it even more flavoursome but I have tried it both ways and it works beautifully with just the water as well. For what it’s worth, I don’t peel my veggies as it all gets blended up anyway and I use organic but I know tut shat most peaople like to peel their veggies. 😉

Skinny Parsnip and Peanut Soup
Skinny Parsnip and Peanut Soup
Skinny Parsnip and Peanut Soup

Serves 2-4

1 lb (ca. 500 g) potatoes, washed, peeled (optional), and cut into small pieces
4 parsnips, washed and cut into small pieces
3 cups vegetable stock (or water plus salt, pepper, garlic powder and other spices to taste)
2 tbsp powdered peanut butter OR peanut butter OR ground peanuts (or other nut butter or nut meal)

Steam or microwave the vegetables until tender. Bring stock or water and spices to the boil, add the steamed veg and peanut butter/powder, stir and then blend with a stick blender until smooth and creamy. The soup will seem to be liquid and frothy at first, but hold on and it will turn creamy!


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