Vegan Watermelon & Peach Smoothie

I am on a quest to enjoy all my favourite summer fruits again before autumn definitely hits us. What a revelation to find some frozen watermelon in my freezer which I had wisely deposited there when they were in peak season. I love watermelon on a hot day and have found that frozen watermelon makes the most amazing and refreshing smoothies and shakes. Throw some fresh peaches into the mix and you got a super yummy, creamy, indulgent yet entirely vegan watermelon & peach smoothie!

Watermelon just screams “summer!” like no other fruit does and is one of my favourite breakfasts and snacks on a hot day. But watermelon also shines as a smoothie ingredient. Due to its natural sweetness there is no need to add a lot of other sweeteners to achieve delicious smoothies. Thanks to its high water content you do not have to add much liquid at all to get things blending. Besides its great taste and in spite of being mainly water, watermelon is also extremely good for you. It is an outstanding source of fibre, healthy carbs, antioxidants and electrolytes and hydrates you much better in the hot season or after a workout than just plain water.

This is a very simple smoothie with only four ingredients, requiring just a few minutes of your time, which will wow you with mind-blowing results. If you only have fresh watermelon at hand but want to get going with this recipe immediately, just add a few icecubes. I recommend freezing some watermelon though if you have the chance. Trust me!

Vegan Watermelon & Peach Smoothie
Vegan Watermelon & Peach Smoothie
Vegan Watermelon & Peach Smoothie

Serves one

1 cup frozen watermelon cubes (1 cup fresh watermelon cubes and a handful of ice cubes)
half a frozen banana or a handfull of frozen mango
dash of plant milk to mix
2 fresh peaches

Just blend all ingredients in a high-powered blender.


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