2-Minute Paleo Crumpets

If you thought fast food was unhealthy, think again! Sure, gulping down trans-fat laden chicken wings while you are running for the train is wrong on many levels, but healthy eating doesn’t mean having to skip the hairdresser’s appointment for lack of time. In fact, there are lots of recipes for microwave breads out there.Read more

Gluten Free Vegan Hot Cross Buns {refined sugar free}

Happy Easter everyone! What are family gatherings without traditions? When you have food intolerances – especially gluten intolerance – it can be hard to enjoy all the family traditions. Birthday cake, christmas pudding, and pumpkin pie are all off-limits, and so are the ultimate Good Friday traditions of fish and chips and hot cross bunsRead more

Sugar Free Plum Jam

It’s autumn! (For all the ones who think “WTF? It’s April!”, we are talking southern hemisphere here!) Although we still get sunny days in the low 20s, the evenings have that certain something about them that reminds me of the dusky, hazy, and utterly magical October evenings I remember from Europe. Autumn is my favouriteRead more

Gluten Free Crusty Rosemary and Walnut Bread (vegan, wholegrain)

I think we all agree that the ultimate achievement for any gluten free baker is gluten free bread. GOOD gluten free bread. Unlike gluten free biscuits, which – albeit unhealthy- are widely available and reasonably tasty, a delicious gluten free bread is something you will not find in any supermarket, well-stocked as it may be.Read more

Sugar Free Homemade Jam aka World’s Healthiest, Easiest, Yummiest Jam

Now that the gluten free bread dilemma is solved, it’s time to think about what to build on that foundation. There is obviously EVOO and coarse sea salt, there is goat’s cheese, nut butters – and then there is jam. The only problem is that in the course of the whole low-carb and paleo movementRead more

Gluten Free, Vegan, Low Carb Breakfast Bread

Due to my newly awakened love for homemade jams and nut butters, another gluten free bread was beckoning. I adapted this one from Elana Amsterdam‘s Bread 2.0, but I replaced the eggs with flax to make it truly vegan. I like eggs scrambled or poached on my breakfast plate, but I don’t want them inRead more

Gluten Free Yeast Free Wholegrain Pizza Base (Vegan)

Gluten Free Vegan Pizza Base

The good thing about experimenting is – even though it doesn’t always work, or, in fact, more often works NOT, you may stumble upon fantastic things you hadn’t imagined before. Take pita bread, for instance. I love falafel, just like anything else that belongs to Middle Eastern cuisine, and what is falafel without pita? SoRead more