Tropical Smoothie (Breakfast) Bowl

Whether you want/need to balance upcoming indulgences (yes that’s right), need to cool down in Australia’s summer heat, or are just after a delicious, filling, easy, and, yes, healthy breakfast and/or afternoon snack, a smoothie bowl always hits the right spot – and yes, they are not only for summer. This one is made withRead more

Vegan Chocolate Soft Serve

What is this? It tastes luxuriously like soft serve icecream, but doesn’t contain an ounce of dairy. It is vegan yet full of protein. It is sugar-free and will quench any sugar cravings. It is paleo and vegan at the same time. So – WHAT IS IT? Hint: A vegan chocolate soft serve. Yes, IRead more

Paleo Vanilla Icecream

Who said you can’t have ice cream in winter? Rubbish! You can and should have ice cream at any time of the year – of course, not that processed crap from the supermarket, which is overflowing with sugar, chemicals, and cheap vegetable oils. Is it possible to stick to a healthy lifestyle and still enjoyRead more

Easy Dairy Free Maple Bourbon Icecream (Vegan) AKA Homemade Bailey’s!

I have mentioned before that I am an absolute icecream addict. And yes, you can be dairy intolerant and an icecream addict! See here, here, and here. And now HERE. My husband is a great whisky and bourbon lover, and on the occasion of his recent birthday, I wanted to create a dessert we couldRead more

Super Nutritious Power Smoothie {vg}

I know, I know…I have neglected you badly during the last weeks, dear friends…I was very busy with work and other things that life throws at you, and although my workload wasn’t necessarily much higher than usual, I just didn’t have the nerve for blogging or experimenting. I was also lacking a bit of inspirationRead more

Easy Watermelon Slushie (sugar free)

The blazing hot days are getting fewer and fewer in the Southern hemisphere now, but – we still get the occasional day when the mercury climbs above 30 degrees. Our latest gadget – yes, we bought an air condition – still gets to be used, yay! Don’t want to see our electricity bill later… Anyways,Read more

Almost Calorie Free Vanilla Almond Sorbetto

As I have made icecream in pre-dairy free days, I knew that you needed to add some sort of sugar to achieve a consistency anyone would actually like to delve into – I was wrong. In fact, you can make sugar-free icecream. This is obviously not your usual Sara Lee dessert – but the lackRead more