Low Fat Gluten Free Baked Falafel

Before Sushi took rank 1 as my favourite food in my late twenties, it was undeniably falafel – and still is, actually. Especially since it is a bit easier to replicate at home than sushi! I love, love, loooooove falafel! Have I mentioned that I am in love with falafel? It is just one ofRead more

Healthy Skinny Hummus

As you will know, store-bought hummus is brimming with things like canola oil and other creepies; what could be one of the healthiest foodstuffs around comes jam-packed with unhealthy fats, artificial flavours…and when you look at the so-called “skinny versions” – they are even worse! Not to mention, quite pricey too for a tiny tub!Read more

Spinach, Watercress, Cucumber and Mint Salad

It’s been hot in Melbourne the last days – extremely hot. The mercury has climbed to up to 44 °C, and it doesn’t want to budge! Now, when I said I was ready for summer, I certainly wasn’t expecting this! Come back, rain, I didn’t mean the things I said to you! Luckily, days likeRead more

Gluten Free Yeast Free Wholegrain Pizza Base (Vegan)

Gluten Free Vegan Pizza Base

The good thing about experimenting is – even though it doesn’t always work, or, in fact, more often works NOT, you may stumble upon fantastic things you hadn’t imagined before. Take pita bread, for instance. I love falafel, just like anything else that belongs to Middle Eastern cuisine, and what is falafel without pita? SoRead more

Gluten Free Vegan Crusty Soda Bread (yeast free, gum free)

Gluten free bread sucks. Do you agree to this statement? I used to. No matter where in the world, and no matter whether from a breadmix, or a bakery – gluten free bread just sucked. And even if it tasted anywhere near something you would serve a human being, it was filled with crap. IRead more

Gluten Free Vegan Foccaccia {no yeast!}

Today it happened. Today was the day I made the decision it was time to enter new gluten free territory. To try the object of desire of countless celiacs and gluten free folks. To make with my own two hands the thing that turns good olive oil and coarse sea salt into the most desirable,Read more

Spicy Pumpkin Basil and Chili Dip

I admit I suffer from a serious and acute dip mania at the moment! After my harissa turned out beautifully, I was motivated to experiment a bit more. I have not tried baking gluten-free bread yet, – sorry, but I’m still pretty new on the gluten free journey – but once I have achieved theRead more