Paleo Vanilla Icecream

Who said you can’t have ice cream in winter? Rubbish! You can and should have ice cream at any time of the year – of course, not that processed crap from the supermarket, which is overflowing with sugar, chemicals, and cheap vegetable oils. Is it possible to stick to a healthy lifestyle and still enjoyRead more

Almost Calorie Free Vanilla Almond Sorbetto

As I have made icecream in pre-dairy free days, I knew that you needed to add some sort of sugar to achieve a consistency anyone would actually like to delve into – I was wrong. In fact, you can make sugar-free icecream. This is obviously not your usual Sara Lee dessert – but the lackRead more

Vegan Espresso Icecream

I was never much into chocolate or lollies, but icecream was one of the sweet things I ALWAYS needed to have. I couldn’t go past a gelateria whenever I was out and about, and I always had a couple of tubs of the frozen delight in my freezer – until the diagnosis of dairy intoleranceRead more