Maca Espresso Energy Balls {gf, vg, nut free}

I hope you love all my recipes, but you gotta love these maca espresso energy balls. If you don’t – seriously, what’s wrong with you? Just kidding, I mean, no kidding. These energy balls are so crazy insanely delicious it is actually a sin I haven’t put them on the blog sooner. They are buttery,Read more

Healthy Dark Chocolate Truffles (vegan, sugar free, paleo, dairy free)

Doesn’t the title make your heart jump? And look at the picture – if this doesn’t make your mouth water, I honestly don’t know what would. Everyone wants chocolate truffles! (Even those who profess they don’t want them.) Well, now, whether you are a die-hard paleoist, a convinced vegan, on a diet, or a chocolateRead more