Vegan Chocolate Soft Serve

What is this? It tastes luxuriously like soft serve icecream, but doesn’t contain an ounce of dairy. It is vegan yet full of protein. It is sugar-free and will quench any sugar cravings. It is paleo and vegan at the same time. So – WHAT IS IT? Hint: A vegan chocolate soft serve. Yes, IRead more

Easy Dairy Free Maple Bourbon Icecream (Vegan) AKA Homemade Bailey’s!

I have mentioned before that I am an absolute icecream addict. And yes, you can be dairy intolerant and an icecream addict! See here, here, and here. And now HERE. My husband is a great whisky and bourbon lover, and on the occasion of his recent birthday, I wanted to create a dessert we couldRead more

Almost Calorie Free Vanilla Almond Sorbetto

As I have made icecream in pre-dairy free days, I knew that you needed to add some sort of sugar to achieve a consistency anyone would actually like to delve into – I was wrong. In fact, you can make sugar-free icecream. This is obviously not your usual Sara Lee dessert – but the lackRead more

Vegan, Sugar Free, Paleo After Eight (Mint Chocolate Chip) Icecream

It’s summer in Australia! And which foodstuff screams “summer” like no other? Icecreeeeeeeaaaaaam!!!! (Although I have it all year round…don’t judge). Well, I have mentioned before that I am a total icecream junkie – an obsession which was slightly compromised by the diagnosis of dairy intolerance. nevertheless, I have showed in the past that itRead more